Who Offers Tree Removal Services in Medford, OR?

Three Stripes Contracting handles tree trimming and stump removal

Dying and diseased trees aren't the only things you need to worry about on your property. Healthy trees can also cause problems around power lines and with your roof. Three Stripes Contracting, LLC offers expert tree care services in the Medford, Oregon area.

We'll evaluate your property and then provide you with a free estimate based on our findings. Once the estimate is approved, we'll get started on:

Tree removal
Stump removal
Tree trimming

Contact Three Stripes Contracting today for tree and stump removal services in Medford, OR or the surrounding area.

Don't let a stump ruin your yard

Don't let a stump ruin your yard

Tree services in Medford, OR

Did you know that the unsightly stump in your yard can attract termites and cause foundation problems? With stump removal services, we can improve the drainage on your property and minimize pest infestations that could harm other trees.

To get rid of the stumps in your yard, call 541-301-5128 today to schedule tree removal services in Medford, OR.