Define Your Borders

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Need to keep kids or pets from venturing off past your property line? Want to improve the privacy on your property? Three Stripes Contracting, LLC installs all types of fencing to define the borders around your home. A knowledgeable fencing contractor in Medford, Oregon will discuss all the available fencing options with you to help you choose the right fence for your needs.

A fence can provide protection, improve security and enhance the appearance of your property. We’ll discuss your needs and measure your property so you can make an informed decision about your new fence. Contact Three Stripes Contracting today to speak with a fencing contractor about fence installation in Medford, OR.

There are numerous fencing materials to choose from

There are numerous fencing materials to choose from

It's important to understand the different benefits and characteristics available with each fencing material. Three Stripes Contracting will talk to you about:


While some fences are better for security, others are more attractive in appearance. Call 541-301-5128 today to schedule a chain-link fence installation in the Medford, OR area.